At 28 years old, Anna Chapman has many miles to go. Her interests are ever changing and evolving. Primarily guided by the humanities, Jungian studies, comparative mythology, Deep ecology, and herbalism.

The bulk of her works to date have manifest in three ways:

1. Figurative work which does not set out to portray specific people, but rather archetypal dispositions of universal human endeavors.

2. Geometric abstractions. Visual metaphors drawing on the notion of interdependence between our species and other life systems and the inherent awe that arises when contemplating the mystery of its origin.

3. Life drawing. Anna maintains a consistent life drawing practice, primarily outdoors. Recently participating in the Vermont Institute of Natural Science's 2017 en Plein Air Festival, she won Best in Show and the Quick Paint Competition.

A wide range of mixed mediums, including hand-made paints, are employed to bring a work to life. Her creative process and direction as an artist is largely unpredictable as it hinges on discovery through outward investigation or intimate contemplation.